Our Work and Approach

Our Work

The realization of change needs to emanate from, and be driven by, those most directly affected. As trainers, coaches and consultants we provide value by delivering services that:

  • identify those affected by potential change;
  • leverage and enhances the capabilities, inspiration and competencies within communities or organizations to develop and implement their plans; and
  • provide for follow-up by us after our clients have had time to apply the consulting advice or training.
  • Community and Regional Economic Development
  • International Development
  • Socio-economic Analysis and Planning
    • Economic Analysis and Impact Assessment
    • Economic and Demographic Modeling
    • Opportunity and Feasibility Assessment and Marketing
    • Program Evaluation
    • Social Benefit/Cost and Financial and Feasibility Analyses
    • Strategic and Business Planning
Training and Workshops
  • Agile Management
  • Personal Agility
Our Approach to Solving Your Problems

Our clients often begin by asking us to prepare a community economic development plan, to determine the feasibility and risks of investing in an industrial park or to measure economic impacts, etc.

When we begin work we regularly find that their questions have a much grittier basis. “We need a new community economic plan” is actually a reflection of concern over disappointing results from previous efforts. The solution may not be a new plan but a revised plan, better implementation, understanding when to risk making changes to the plan, and so on. Wanting to know the risks of investing in an industrial park sometimes reflects a limiting knowledge of the many ways to attract business investment. Wanting to know the economic impacts of a project or program sometimes translates to ‘We know the project will produce economic benefits but we’re unsure how to capture them for the most benefit to us’.

We respect the questions of our clients and the description of their concerns just as a doctor respects patients. But, like the good doctor before we prescribe we ask questions to understand the cause of concerns so we can treat the root cause, not symptom.

It’s easier and more profitable to reflexively follow clients’ prescriptions to solve problems and even provides some short term comfort, but it doesn’t make for real progress. These are some of the problems we help solve – some known and some under the surface:

  • We want to create a more flexible labour force sometimes translates to:

We sense we’re not keeping up with the changes happening around us.

  • We want a branding and marketing strategy sometimes translates to:

We seem to do fine in marketing but have difficulty getting investors/partners/volunteers to commit.

  • We want to restructure our organization and re-organize our human resources to be more efficient and effective. sometimes translates to:

 We don’t seem to have a safe environment in which failure can occur without retribution, to be able to learn from what works and what doesn’t.

  • We need more data. We need a survey of our human and physical assets sometimes translates to:

We’re being held back and aren’t sure why. Are we being honest with ourselves?