Our Team

Hal S. Richman, PhD

Hal Richman helps organizations focus on agility and innovation in areas such as regional economic development and learning and performance.

HSR_TwinkleHal has been around the world evaluating international development programs in countries like Sri Lanka, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Timor-Leste.

Hal has a Ph.D. in Political Science where he studied how facilitation can help overcome power disparities in task-oriented groups. His undergraduate and graduate work includes studies in mathematical game theory, cybernetics and the philosophy and psychology of science.

He has strong business planning and “start-up experience”, as well as an entrepreneurial bent in a variety of technically focused industries such as software and energy efficiency. Hal was the president of Knowledge Navigators International, a pioneering start-up that developed an online learning and collaboration platform before Facebook.

John Jozsa, MA (Geography & Economics), MPA (Public Administration)

JJJohn has over 35 years’ experience as an economic and management consultant. He has worked in every Canadian Province, the Asian sub-continent and Africa. His graduate level education and consulting specialty deal with the forces that determine the economic growth of regional economies and the investment and location choices of business and households.

He derives the most professional satisfaction when working on issues that involve strategic decisions because they require analysis from multiple perspectives using quantitative and qualitative measures. This type of analysis does not end with ‘the solution’. It leads to equally valid alternative solutions that are stakeholder and context dependent. As a result, his clients are prepared for multiple plausible situations, which enable them to act quickly with agility as situations inevitably evolve.

John works primarily in the areas of:

  • Economic & Financial Analysis and Computer Modelling
  • Benefit/Cost and Financial & Feasibility Analyses and Marketing
  • Community Economic Development
  • Socio-Economic Analysis and Opportunity Identification
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Evaluation

He has played significant roles in over 250 assignments in his professional career. Over 75% of the marketing & selling and investment attraction plans have been funded and implemented.

He has published in and presented at many peer reviewed journals and conferences.

David Sable, PhD

DS profileDavid Sable, PhD, combines more than 20 years of management consulting with teaching and research. He is a training and education consultant who specializes in applying mindfulness and awareness practices in the workplace beyond stress reduction to understand complex challenges and motivate innovation.

David developed his reflective methods from evidenced-based research and over 20 years of experience in the private and public sectors in the U.S. and Canada. His leadership of two non-profit organizations supported advanced training for fast growth companies over eight years and the development of an online performance evaluation and learning support system.

Associated Firms

Owing to the fact that our three principals have 100+ years of applied professional experience, we have established a wide range of ‘friends of the firm’ relationships with firms that focus on:

  • Multi-discipline engineering
  • Environmental planning and management
  • Transportation planning and management
  • Land use and municipal planning