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Martha Reynolds Marketing

Strategic initiatives that build strong brands.

Passionate about possibilities, a near-life-long devotee of marketing’s quest to satisfy consumer and client needs, Martha Reynolds (BA, MBA) blends big picture, strategic thinking and a researcher’s curiosity in her work with clients to identify and exploit their competitive advantage to grow their organization. Early career experience as a new product development manager for the world’s largest food manufacturer, Nestlé, and for the past sixteen years, as the Principal of a branding and marketing research firm in Nova Scotia, she has encouraged and supported entrepreneurs in their pursuit of excellence, successfully launched more than a dozen food and beverage products in the Canadian market, led the successful establishment of an emerging new wine region and industry, and coached a broad array of business owners to achieve their strategic goals.

Ms. Reynolds is also an experienced focus group moderator having trained at the leading Research Institute in Values and Attitudes (RIVA, Inc.) in Bethesda Maryland and has worked with a diverse range of clients in both private and public sectors.
Her unique combination of marketing strategy, planning, implementation and qualitative research experience allows her to provide a full range of marketing consultation to clients who seek to develop not only a deeper understanding of the issues and opportunities facing their organization but also to apply the ‘learning’ to develop creative, value-added and pragmatic solutions to build their enterprise.