International Development Project Examples

Review of Donor Agency Results, on behalf of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

A consortium of MDF (Netherlands) and Productivity Solutions and Goss Gilroy Inc., from Canada, were contracted to undertake a review of donor agency results reports.

The project delivered value to the client by:

  • Articulating the landscape of results reporting
  • Identifying important issues/challenges to reporting and using results reports
  • Formulating guiding principles regarding partner country systems and donor domestic accountability issues
  • Articulating best practices in results reporting and use to support program management
  • Providing guidance regarding harmonization and potential collaboration between donor agencies and multilateral organizations
Capacity Building in Sri Lanka

The Asian Development Bank undertook a special program of capacity-building for Sri Lanka under its Managing for Development Results Program.

We were asked to join the project team for the mission held March/April 2009 to assist four ministries in developing their results based management framework, provide training and coaching in the principles of results based management and specify various IT based capacity development initiatives.

Evaluation for the E-Learning and Knowledge Network Program for Bosnia-Herzegovina; on behalf of the Canadian International Development Agency ( now part of Global Affairs Canada)

We and Goss Gilroy Inc. (Ottawa, Canada) were awarded a five-year contract by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to conduct a Project Review and Evaluation for the E-Learning and Knowledge Network Program for Bosnia-Herzegovina. This initiative utilized Hal Richman’s expertise in eLearning to complement the senior evaluation team.

This project involved capacity building in all aspects of learning design and delivery for the E-NET Centar at the University of Sarajevo, as well as capacity building and training for key sectors such as municipal management and judicial management.

The evaluation team delivered a series of evaluation reports to CIDA to access the progress of the project according to CIDA guidelines and alert CIDA to any issues.

Evaluation of the Canada-Pakistan Commodity Aid Program, on behalf of the Canadian International Development Agency (now part of Global Affairs Canada)

Canada, via the Canadian International Development Agency (as of 2013 part of the Department of Foreign Affairs), promoted international development and trade relations by providing assistance to purchase Canadian products and commodities. The objectives were to:

  • enhance the financial viability of individual firms in the receiving country;
  • foster trade connections between firms in the receiving country and Canada; and
  • strengthen the national economy of the receiving country.

Information was collected by visiting a sample of firms in the Pakistan stratified by location, economic sector, ownership and years in business.

Building the information base from the firm level upward provided an essential value added to CIDA because we could:

  • distinguish the impacts of the program on businesses from changes in the national economy that were influence by many other forces;
  • assess if the businesses were strengthened;
  • extrapolate the findings to the population of businesses receiving aid with defensible confidence levels and intervals;
  • infer if the strengthening was sufficient to sustain increased trade with Canada;
  • determine if over medium-term Canada would be at least no worse off for the provision of aid; and
  • provide recommendations for program delivery that could increase the portion of the program budget provided as aid.
Pilot Project for Land Registration in Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia

The Government of the Netherlands provided support for a pilot project for land registration in Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia. This was a pilot and a ‘model’ demonstration office to develop and test methodologies and procedures that could be replicated under a national program funded by the World Bank.

We were contracted to conduct a Performance Audit in order to provide independent examination and assessment about the implementation, outcomes, effectiveness, efficiency and economy of the pilot project. The Audit was completed and showed the benefits of the pilot program.

The assignment included providing advisory services in results based management and monitoring and evaluation in the demonstration office in Kumanovo – services that were well received by the Director.